Our Team

Our Organisation

Our Team

Management Committee

Barry Doyle


Mob: Kabi Kabi (Gubbi Gubbi)

"Seeing young clients come out of their shell & grow and develop into respectful youth people"

Annette Dudley

Deputy Chairperson

Mob: Byellee

Stacey Chamberlain


Mob: Bundalung and Gumbaynggirr

"To ensure our mob have culturally safe and quality services"

Aunty Ethel Speedy

Darumbal Elder

Mob: Darumbal

"To service the Indigenous Community on my Country"

Madison Stokes

Youth Representative

Mob: Kara Kara(Springsure), Jagalingou(Alpha) and Wakka Wakka(South Burnett Area)

"Being a young person & represting the young people of my community"

David Wenitong

Board Member

Mob: Kabi Kabi

"Social Justice and community involvement"

Uncle Barry Jard

Board Member

General Administration Department

Nyoka Fetoa’i

Chief Executive Officer

Mob: Darumbal

"Helping people realise their full potential"

Petulia Stokes

Operations Manager

Mob: Kara Kara (Springsure), Jagalingou (Alpha) and Wakka Wakka (South Burnett Area)

"Working with a diverse group of colleagues and leaders"

Hayley Doyle

Administration Officer

Mob: Ghungalu and Mununjali

"Giving back to the youth as much as I can"

Tahlia Parter


Mob: Australian South Sea Islander and Non-Indigenous

"Knowing I am making a difference"

Zandalee Anderson McGinniss

Events, Partnerships & Community Engagement Officer

Mob: Jiman, Warrabal and Gangulu

"Getting to know clients and helping them grow"

Regional Youth Support Service

Keisha Williams-Coveney

Youth Worker

Mob: Darumbal

"Helping young people with achieving their goals"

Brendan Stanley

Intake Officer

Mob: Bidjara

"Helping young people succeed"

Jenny Gent

Night Outreach Support Worker

Mob: Dutch - Viking Heritage

"Yarning up and laughing with young people and our community"

Jesse Burkhardt

Youth Worker

Mob: Non-Indigenous

"Making a difference in the lives of others by my words and actions"

Charlene Mann

Case Manager

Mob: Darumbal and South Sea Islander

"Being someone that others can confide in"


Matthew Hill

Reconnect Officer

Mob: Bidjara & Birri Gubba

"Not knowing what the day is going to bring"

Jasmine Raymond

Youth Worker

Mob: Bidjara

"Making a positive change in young peoples lives"

Bail Support

Danielle Gillespie

Manager, Youth Justice Programs

Mob: Non-Indigenous

"Connecting with young people and knowing their story"

Kalen Barrett

Bail Support Officer

Mob: Goreng Goreng

"Great people that I work with"

Walali Bili

Lee Bob

Support Worker

Mob: Ghungalu

"When a YP succeeds and turn a corner for the better"

Kelly Carter

Youth Support Worker

Mob: Non-Indigenous

"Unique opportunity to guide and support our youth"

Cornwell Pearson

Youth Support Worker

Mob: Kulkalgal Nation

"Family, Connection, Culture"

Tackle 6 / Yimba Bira

Jamie Simpson


Mob: Wakka Wakka

"Coaching and mentoring our next leaders both on and off the field"

Budaroo House

Tanya Mitchell

Senior Housing Manager

Mob: Darumbal

"I love my culture and working in a team environment"

Jasmin Ahmat

Housing Support Worker

Mob: "Torres Strait Islander, Thursday Island"

I love my job because I enjoy helping people and giving guidance into a better future.

Koadi Fetoa’i

Housing Support Worker

Mob: Samoan - Niuean

"Making positive changes with our homeless youth"


Judi Farr

Youth Worker

Mob: Darumbal

"Looking after my mob"


James Waterton

Senior Support Worker

Mob: Jiman and Gangulu

"I like to help with the challenges that young people face"

Morris Pickering

Support Worker

Mob: Darumbal

"Assisting clients and pointing them in the right directions"