Our Team

Our Organisation

Our Team

Management Committee

Barry Doyle


Mob: Kabi Kabi (Gubbi Gubbi)

"Seeing young clients come out of their shell & grow and develop into respectful youth people"

Annette Dudley

Deputy Chairperson

Mob: Byellee

Stacey Chamberlain


Mob: Bundalung and Gumbaynggirr

"To ensure our mob have culturally safe and quality services"

Madison Stokes

Youth Representative

Mob: Kara Kara(Springsure), Jagalingou(Alpha) and Wakka Wakka(South Burnett Area)

"Being a young person & represting the young people of my community"

Uncle Barry Jard

Board Member

General Administration Department

Nyoka Fetoa’i

Chief Executive Officer

Mob: Darumbal

"Helping people realise their full potential"

Hayley Doyle

Administration Officer

Mob: Ghungalu and Mununjali

"Giving back to the youth as much as I can"

Regional Youth Support Service

Keisha Williams-Coveney

Youth Worker

Mob: Darumbal

"Helping young people with achieving their goals"

Brendan Stanley

Intake Officer

Mob: Bidjara

"Helping young people succeed"

Jenny Gent

Night Outreach Support Worker

Mob: Dutch - Viking Heritage

"Yarning up and laughing with young people and our community"

Jesse Burkhardt

Youth Worker

Mob: German

"Making a difference in the lives of others by my words and actions"

Charlene Mann

Case Manager

Mob: Darumbal and South Sea Islander

"Being someone that others can confide in"


Matthew Hill

Reconnect Officer

Mob: Bidjara & Birri Gubba

"Not knowing what the day is going to bring"

Jasmine Raymond

Youth Worker

Mob: Bidjara

"Making a positive change in young peoples lives"

Bail Support

Danielle Gillespie

Manager, Youth Justice Programs

Mob: Dutch, Irish and Scottish

"Connecting with young people and knowing their story"

Kalen Barrett

Bail Support Officer

Mob: Goreng Goreng

"Great people that I work with"

Zhanae Dodd

Project Officer After-Hours Service and Drop-In Centre & Stronger Places Stronger People

Mob: Ghungalu, Birriah and Widi of the Birri Nation

Making sure our young people are getting equal opportunities for life and are supported by their culture and mob

Walali Bili

Lee Bob

Support Worker

Mob: Ghungalu

"When a YP succeeds and turn a corner for the better"

Kelly Carter

Youth Support Worker

Mob: Scottish and Danish

"Unique opportunity to guide and support our youth"

Cornwell Pearson

Youth Support Worker

Mob: Kulkalgal Nation

"Family, Connection, Culture"

Tackle 6 / Yimba Bira

Jamie Simpson


Mob: Wakka Wakka

"Coaching and mentoring our next leaders both on and off the field"

Budaroo House

Tanya Mitchell

Senior Housing Manager

Mob: Darumbal

"I love my culture and working in a team environment"

Jasmin Ahmat

Housing Support Worker

Mob: "Torres Strait Islander, Thursday Island"

I love my job because I enjoy helping people and giving guidance into a better future.

Koadi Fetoa’i

Housing Support Worker

Mob: Samoan - Niuean

"Making positive changes with our homeless youth"


Judi Farr

School Liaison Officer (PaCE)

Mob: Darumbal

"Looking after my mob"


James Waterton

Senior Support Worker

Mob: Jiman and Gangulu

"I like to help with the challenges that young people face"

Morris Pickering

Support Worker

Mob: Darumbal

"Assisting clients and pointing them in the right directions"