Our Programs

Walali Bili

Our Programs

Walali Bili

Walali Bili helps divert at risk young people from coming into further contact with the Youth Justice system.

Walali Bili works with young people aged 10-17 who have completed their youth justice commitments such as Youth Justice Conferencing, Community Service Orders, or detention. The program aims to encourage positive lifestyle choices and prevent re-offending behaviour.

The program works in partnership with parents, care givers, other services, Elders, and the community.

Culturally safe supports include:

  • Programs that promote positive lifestyles, cultural connection, health, wellbeing, and resilience
  • Case management and linking young people with the supports and services they need including housing, substance misuse, health and wellbeing and family support
  • Assessment of barriers to education, training and employment
  • Support, liaison and advocacy with Youth Justice
  • Mentoring

About Walali Bili Mentoring:

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, mentoring has been taking place for generations through the Elders and mobs traditional role of sharing the wisdom and knowledge with the younger generation.

This program seeks to build on this natural mentoring process and combine it with formal structures to further improve outcomes for young participants. Mentoring fits well with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teaching and learning styles to support positive behaviour change.

Many of the Mentors have experienced similar challenges to those faced by the young people in the program. Mentors who have overcome negative life circumstances understand what it takes to achieve positive change.

Walali Bili will provide ongoing support to young people and Mentors.

For Further Information:

Please call 07 4922 6180 during business hours and ask to speak to any of our friendly staff.

You can also download our referral form HERE and email to: referral@darumbal.org.au or alternatively drop it in to our office located at 2/155 Alma Street Rockhampton.

Team members:

Lee Bob

Kelly Carter

Cornwell Pearson